Project Preparation Fund (PPF)


    The Government has also constituted the Project Preparation Fund to provide financial support for conducting studies, hiring the services of experts and consultants, preparing feasibility studies, detailed project studies, capacity building, research and related purposes.


    The PPF may, in addition to the purposes specified above, be used for the following:


    1. Any technical study required to finalise the technical, legal or financial parameters of a project, including legal reviews and commercial assessment studies;

    2. Preparation of Impact Assessment Studies, including Environmental Impact Assessment Studies;

    3. Preparation of tender documents, including standard tender documents;

    4. Preparation of other essential project documentation prior to signing the concession agreement;

    5. Training; and

    6. Conduct of outreach events, including seminars and conferences


    Any public agency will be eligible to apply for support from the Project Preparation Fund for hiring of experts and consultants, preparation of feasibility studies, detailed project studies and the activities specified in clauses (a), (b), (c) and (d) above, intended for a specific project.  Such application is to be made in the format contained in Appendix 3 of the TNID Rules 2012 (Click here for TNIDB PPF forms).